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Streamline Bespoke Tailoring & its Customer Experience

Providing custom-fit-luxury at scale is highly complex & resource-intensive.

Tailorwise makes it easy, efficient and experiential.

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Why are brands choosing Tailorwise?

Tailorwise is a software which makes managing bespoke/couture business a breeze. Every product, order and customer managed in TW is tracked in various steps and the solution can be customised as much as the brand requires. While business owners can manage more smartly, it incurs no added skill costs, as it is easy to use by any existing staff, at Store and also at the Factory. Read on to know more.

Capture the uniqueness of your client

The very best of bespoke means a perfect combination of style and fit. This entails information gathering of each customer meticulously – not just written but also visual, behavioural and every other possible way.

Capture each customer’s uniqueness with a whole new experience that offers an added sense of luxury to your customers. You will never go back to the old ways.

Increase the speed of your business

A lot goes on in an organisation everyday just to meet one product demand. It takes a lot of energy and time to capture & send each product’s information from Store to Factory. On top of that, making sure of timely delivery to get product approvals at trial or return for readjustments, also needs to be a smooth system.

Tailorwise is the most efficient way to manage it end-to-end within a matter of seconds, making your business, much, much faster. And also, mitigating errors.

Be aware of the bigger picture. Always.

Business changes with each new customer, order, product, and even with each action of staff at the Store and Factory. The entire success of your business depends on it, and generates routine questions like : How many customers did you get today? How many of them were repeat customers? How many or what type of products were sent to factory? How many products are approved at trial or are send back for readjustments? And the questions goes on..

Tailorwise is the answer, anytime.

Making you aware of the top-to-bottom image of your business, always.

A powerful tool indeed.

Identify pain points with a tap

  • Why are products not ready on time?
  • Are any products lost in transport?
  • Why are the products not being approved on trial?
  • Which end/team in the process is falling behind?
  • Why are our customers not happy with the final apparel?
  • How many shirts are to be made at the factory today?

Know it all. With Tailorwise.

It Simply Works!

Lisa Sanders

At first it looks so simple & operates so simple, but with time you realize its power and ability to manage a lot. Our entire business is managed on Tailorwise now. It simply handles everything.

Jake Smith

The real power of any business is to know where they stand, so they know what to do to go ahead. Tailorwise has given us that power. I am a permanent customer. Keep it up guys.


I love the experience of working on Tailorwise & when our client’s witness it. A simple, easy, portable & wholesome solution like this, defiantly deserve to be praised.

James Dee

Tailorwise has answered the day to day worries and difficulties faced by every business. It has made our work efficient and easy to know where we are lacking.

Amaira Khurana

Tailorwise took us with surprise. We’d never thought that we would be using any software for operations or client dealings. We were conservative to use anything due to involved technicalities. But, we are happily using Tailorwise and really in habit of it. Everything is here, and i have requested just one thing left. This one star after that.

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